Our Story

Master Creator, Designer of All


Hi I'm Lynne, the creator of Wintersheart. The name came from my love of the snow, ice and winter as a season. It always gave me whimsical thoughts of white wolves and polar bears. My first brooch I designed was a fox, they are fiery and cute.

I hail from sunny Brisbane and design or curate all our Wintersheart jewellery pieces which are hand made in Australia*.

Our designs at Wintersheart are a curated collection of our hand drawn creations and selected licensed artwork. We put a lot of love into each art piece and enjoy seeing people happy, wearing our pieces.

When you purchase a handmade item, you are helping a maker by providing them with the means to continue to create. Championing creativity is a feel-good situation for all, the maker gains a sense of purpose and you become the custodian of a special art piece that brings you joy.

Handmade items are unique, slight imperfections in a handmade item represent the presence of the maker. They are a beautiful reminder of the item’s origin and uniqueness.

Wintersheart has grown bigger than my humble beginnings and I’m delighted to work with a team of amazing humans.

* Complementary product ranges Splendette bangles are UK based, and Autumnsheart metal pins are sourced from manufacturers.


Senior Production Assistant


Harley has joined Wintersheart as a Senior Production Assistant helping with the construction of all our jewellery and an in-house model. Harley has also designed Wintersheart's Adventure Collection.

Harley enjoys making things, cosplay and does alternative modelling. Her first loves are her horse and studying dentistry.

InstagramHarley's instagram.


Laser Master 2.0


Zac has joined us as a jewellery maker. He enjoys all art mediums and loves shiny things.


Production Assistant

Executive of Bling


Taryn loves crafting and gaming. She loves her dog and loves creating jewellery.

She loves working with epoxy resin and loves all things sparkly!


Production Assistant

Mother of Foxes


Ashley🦊 is a proud mom of two amazing kids and an avid collector of all things fox-related. Her passion for these charming and cunning creatures is only surpassed by her love for her beautiful children. 🧡🌟


Production Assistant

Principal Prepper


Lauren has joined us as a casual team member. She loves playing roller derby and singing in her choir.