Our Story

from a dream to reality...


Hi I'm Lynne, the creator of Wintersheart. The name came from my love of the snow, ice and winter as a season. It always gave me whimsical thoughts of white wolves and polar bears.

I hail from sunny Brisbane and design all our jewellery pieces which are made in Australia.

I'm a mother of three kids and a naughty Cavoodle puppy called Loki. I have an art background, always painting and drawing. I had a web comic at Webtoons. I now work digitally and have created computer art assets and animations for many computer games working in the industry.

I have a love of vintage and floral dresses this is when I stumbled upon my first brooch in my favorite dress shop. I was inspired to make my own, so a few years ago I made my first brooch, a fox. I created it in Adobe Illustrator. I love foxes so does my daughter I have a huge collection, they are fiery and cute.

Our designs at Wintersheart are a curated collection of my hand drawn creations and selected licensed artwork. I put a lot of love into each art piece and enjoy seeing people happy, wearing my pieces on social media.

Since then Wintersheart has grown and we now have new team members.


Senior Production Assistant


Harley has joined Wintersheart as a Senior Production Assistant helping with the construction of all our jewellery and an in-house model.

Harley enjoys making things, cosplay and does alternative modelling. Her first loves are her horse and studying dentistry.

InstagramHarley's instagram.


Production Assistant


Cyndell has joined Wintersheart as a Production Assistant helping with the construction of all our jewellery.

Cyndell has a keen interest in all arts & crafts and is obsessed with Halsey.


Laser Master


Elijah s our laser master who commands our laser machines Ice and Storm and gets all our designs beamed into little pieces.

He is our team support to our jewellery makers and is studying at university.


Production Assistant


Erin loves spending time with her family — husband, 2 kids, and 2 dogs. Her favourite things to do are creative — either sewing, baking, painting, or doing crafts with her children. Erin also loves a cup of coffee and a good book, or to watch true crime shows.


Production Assistant


Marnie enjoys being social and exploring new places. She has always been drawn to arts and expression, and also has a theory for every conspiracy!